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Roza Rozi Dargah - Century Cycle Ride

Updated: Mar 8

Early Sunday morning with the goal of 100 km in my mind, I started cycling. Since the last few months I have been thinking of doing a 100 km cycling ride. First I was thinking of doing a full Ahmedabad ring road circle ride. On Friday evening, I discussed the same with my friend Chintan (who is also a traveller, mountain trekker and founder of Deja-vu Tours and Trek www.dejavutours.in). He suggested visiting Roza Rozi Dargah by bike. I have checked the pictures and felt it is worth visiting. On Saturday evening, we decided to visit Roza Rozi Dargah by cycle. Before that my maximum cycle ride was around 80 km in a day but I took a long break after half ride. Chintan rode a cycle long back in school days.

We have decided to meet at Kankaria MyByk stand at 6 o'clock in the morning. I live around 15 km away from Kankariya so I left at 5 o’clock in the morning. I arrived at Kankaria around 5:50 am, Chintan was already ready there. We started our journey towards Hathijan circle via Ramol cross road. We used MyByk (cycle sharing platform in Ahmedabad) for this ride.

Our ride till Hathijan circle was filled with industries on both sides. After the Hathijan circle, we were blessed with a beautiful road which had trees on both sides. We wanted to stop for a few minutes to capture pictures, but ignored it as we knew the journey back would become harder in the afternoon. Although we took some pictures and videos while cycling.

(Road to the Sojali Village)

Around 7:30 AM we reached Sojali village. By the village road, we reached the destination. From far away the top part of the dargah is visible. There are farms around it. One family lives there and takes care of the premises.

(Dargah view from back, front look is in the first image of the blog)

(View from way to riverside)

From the back side of the dargah, there is a route that connects to the Vatrak river. Although the dargah is around 10 meters above the river-bed. On the route going downward, there is a small temple and lots of monkeys playing nearby. We reached the riverbed of Vatrak. Vatrak river is the tributary of Sabarmati river.

(Mysterious tunnel)

This tunnel connects some mysterious places. As per local in past it was connection to the Pavagadh, Junagadh and Ahmedabad

(Small temple)

(way to river)

The river bed was dry and full of sand, due to the summer days. As per Chintan, in monsoon many times water comes near the small temple at the upper part of the river. There is a soil erosion problem visible near the river. As per Locals, 3-4 years back when there was agricultural land where today it's eroded and nothing can be grown.

(river bed)

In the river, big broken structures lay in the river bed. It seems like an old wall made of thin old bricks. Wall width is around a metre. Chintan said it might be the structure of Mahemdabad fort. (FYI: Mahemdabad was built by Mahamud Bagada, grandson of Ahmed Shah the founder of Ahmedabad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahemdavad). Also Chintan had done night trekking adventures here parallel to the river around four year back.

(Broken brick structure in river bed of Vatrak)

(MyByk at Roza Rozi)

We took a picture of our cycle at the main gate of Roza rozi before starting our back journey.

(green route)

The route from the Sojali village to Ahmedabad Ringroad is full of greenery and good for cycling ride.


We stopped on road Dhaba for chai and nasta. We haven't ate anything from the Morning.


We ate some tadi on the way. As per seller, he bought these tadi from Panchmahal district of Gujarat.

(First 100 km cycle ride)

We reached Kankaria around 11:00 am. It was showing 73 km in my Strava app. As I have decided to complete 100 km, on the way back home, I rode some few extra km to complete the 100 km ride. Finally around 12:30, I was at Home, Yes first century ride was complete and worth remembering for a long time. There was light pain in leg muscles, but the ride was worth it. We decided to visit again in the monsoon to enjoy the scenery near the river.

Thanks for reading.

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