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Blissful Island Diu

Diu is one of the historic and chill places on the coastline of Gujarat. Officially it’s not part of the Gujarat state as it’s considered as a Union Territory (UT) of Daman and Diu. The weird thing is that Diu and Daman are around 650 km away by road. The reason they are for the same UT is because of the Portuguese colony. I visited Diu a few years ago but at that time was in a hurry and could only explore the fort and Nagoa beach which are very famous places. After checking google maps and a few videos I decided to revisit Diu for the coastal paradise. Diu has one of its king cliffs and ocean combination that is hard to find anywhere else in Gujarat.

Reaching to Diu

Diu has good road connectivity to Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Vadodara. GSRTC sleeper Volvo bus is run between Ahmedabad and Diu. There is no direct train connectivity. There is flight connectivity but it’s not daily basis and might be costly.

Fort Road Diu

Goghala is the last town of Gujarat on the road to Diu. After that, there is a bridge that connects Gujarat and Diu. The bridge ends with a circle shown in the figure.

(Circle at the end of bridge connects Diu and Ghoghla, sorry for bad image it was taken at 4 am)

(Google map of Diu)

At the left side of the circle, the fort road starts. Which leads to the famous Diu Fortress, was built by the Portugese in 1535 mainly to a defence alliance forged by Bahadur Shah, that time Sultan of Gujarat. On the fort road there are many hotels and food zones for the tourists.

(Fishing ships beside the fort road)

(17th century Portugease cannon at Diu Police Station entrance)

The movie “Kai Po Chhe” was filmed in the fort.

(Diu Fort)

For security reasons now the entry to the lighthouse is closed for the public.

(Fort LightHouse)

One can enjoy various types of food at Diu. There are Food zones where Veg, Nonveg, chinese, Italian, and seafood are available. Also there are ample amounts of beer bars on Fort road.

Considering the risk of Corona and being a vegetarian and non-alcoholic person, I preferred to order Gujarati Thali to the room. Lunch at the balcony with this sight was really amazing.

(Lunch at hotel Apana’s Balcony)

Naida Caves

Read from many blogs that the naida caves is one of the most underrated tourist attractions of Diu. So I planned to visit that. But unfortunately, that was closed due to maintenance and restoration purposes.

Naida caves are outside the fort towards the south direction and run till the ocean cliff. Local person said that during Operation Vijay to capture Diu from the Portugese, Portugese soldiers stationed in these caves.

(Naida caves was closed due to restoration and maintenance purpose)

With the help of a local person, I still manage to see some parts of the caves from other end

(Abandoned JalPrapat zampa)


There are multiple beaches in Diu where one can spend quality time

(nagoa Beach)

(Criff near Jalandhar beach)

INS Khukri memorial

This is my favourite place in Diu. It’s the newly built Navy memorial of the INS Khukri on the cliff rock. The memorial is made brilliantly on the rocks so that one can enjoy the different views of the Arabian sea. Also there are multiple viewing points, one is special for the sunset.

(View from INS Khukri memorial)

(Sunset point at INS Khukri memorial)

(View point)

(On top of the cliff)

INS Khukri is the only ship of the Indian navy which shunk in any war till now. This ship was attacked by the Pakistan submarine PNS Hangor during the 1971 war. All 18 officers and 176 sailors were martyred. Wikipedia

(Scaled model of the INS Khukri)

(Scaled model of the INS Khukri)

(Sunset at the INS Khukri memorial)

Old City

Diu old city has a different vibe than the fort road and other tourist attractions. One can identify the old Indian architecture and Protugese architecture combinedly. From the local people come to know that most of the Portuguese were living inside the fort or nearby the fort.

(Old city street)

(Old city street)

The good thing I have noticed is the cleanliness at each and every place. Yes, Diu is the one of the cleanest cities I have visited so far.

After the 2020 Covid pandemic, this was my first trip. After the trip the ability to focus and efficiency in the work is increased drastically.

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Happy Travelling


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